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jeudi, février 28, 2008


A multitude of thoughts - head full, but with ..... nothing! That is nothing new, just life and my situation, fizzing in my head. A pleasant feeling, though it makes me feel i have to Create Something, mark it somewhere...
I have found a new English website for contemporary art, which got me buzzing. (Who needs alcohol when you can get drunk on all that freely available colour and creativity?!) I sometimes wish for a smaller lifestyle - a tiny room, making do, working in a café. I guess i imagine it's a place where life is in an egg yolk like form. Condensed. Nourishing. Waiting to happen. Concentrating on the essential. In reality, it's not like that - it's just no cash, and no freedom of choice.1a9995fb6d358d5fe4efbd127fd4a108.jpg
Perhaps the thing i am most scared of is the 'superflu' (the superfluous.... not a mega cold!). Not having enough time to look at the colour of a front door, with it's peeling paint, and to be amazed. Not having enough time to collect my thoughts, and to remind myself what is important and what is not.I am afraid of being carried away by a load of stuff that isn't me. Of losing myself in a tidal wave of other people's lives and priorities. Of objects and responsabilities that have no profound meaning for me. The thing that stops me from moving forward is fear of all that. I am wary of accumulating needs and a lifestyle which doesn't correspond - but which i wouldn't find the strength to abandon. What's that Supertramp song ? 'When i was young it seemed that life was so magical.. and then they showed me a way i could be so responsible....' ('The Logical Song' ?) I fear losing my identity before i've really had time to define it! But forging an identity requires being obliged to Grow Up, to assume an adult place in the world. What can you learn from being an eternal student? Not much.... it seems to me i waste a lot of energy being defensive, and it's stopping me from learning other stuff.

However, i'm not the only one who wants to tune out and pick flowers! Just after having thought about all this i read on the art website :

Lawrence Prentice’s delicately created aquatints are uniform in size, and circular in composition, symptomatic of Japanese imagery.

With sequences of simple, balanced, monochrome images, Prentice creates what he describes as a ‘journey of anticipation and hope’. A series will often consist of a succession of landscapes, interrupted by a close up image of part of a tree or some flying seagulls.

Prentice sees these snap-shot breaks as short rests in his journey, capturing a moment, and often suggests a glimpse at the unexpected or the unnerving with these close-up images, perhaps signifying the importance of stopping to notice the smaller details in life and taking the time to recognise our hopes and goals, rather than get caught in the rat-race.

Taking the time to recognise our hopes and goals.... what a luxury!

mercredi, janvier 16, 2008

embracing embarassing

a4e45ee9ed48607cbd0c2586a3959196.jpgjust a quickie (before william wakes up).
was watching the news in England a while back - and there was a slot on for Kate Nash, just about to be discovered by the Grand Public (le mainstream audience). she said something like 'when i write my songs, i always try to introduce something that's in fact a bit embarassing to talk about... like what you think about just before you break up with someone, or stuff that's in your bathroom. i think if it's embarassing it's probably more interesting.' i think there's a lot to be said for that - maybe being potentially embarassed is just about not really following whatever is 'taboo' right now, it's anti-politically correct. and art is about freeing people up like that surely? it's about saying this is my experience and i want to share it, even if you disapprove, don't understand, or want to pretend that's not how it is.
from a fashion point of view, this could be my new direction!! i don't care how embarassing it looks - as long as i get a buzz from wearing it ! mmmm......
try this : Lily Allen dresses funny too, and it works!

jeudi, novembre 15, 2007

picasso or matisse ?

ok ... so we all know the classic 'Beatles or Stones' question. the one that's supposed to help us define if a person is more rebel rock and roll (Stones) or chirpy revolutionary (Beatles). as i was looking for some pictures to hang on my wall recently, it came to me that there is a similar parallel between Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and Henri Matisse (1869-1954). b7c4e9eb8be745428d37d2393acff87f.jpga minimum of research on the web and i discover that Picasso is the artist who represents 'form' and Matisse is considered the master of 'colour'. Picasso is the fiery Mediterranean (born in Malaga, Spain, son of an artist) and Matisse the cool and controlled Northern boy (born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, near Lille, son of a seed merchant). and looking at their paintings (famous and overproduced or otherwise) it's easy to see their opposing philosophies - Picasso's work (he founded Cubism with Georges Braque) is all broken up and full of daggers and accusation, whilst Matisse seems to believe in quiet harmony and smooth lines492f247ea695cfa83c971ad6aeeb1a9f.jpg
if you want to know more about their relationship, there are lots of things to read. picasso himself compared the two opposing characters as 'North and South pole', and said his ambition was 'to shake people up' so that they would look at their surroundings differently. Matisse's search, on the other hand, was to find an art of 'balance and purity, which neither worries nor troubles' (in the 1940's, he designed the stained glass for a chapel in Vence in the South of France).
i once saw one of Picasso's most famous works, "Guernica" , on a visit to Madrid. and i have to say it really did shake me up - something that i had never really felt before when looking at a painting. 19eeed5fbfbb13c174dcaf9a2af9ed5f.jpg Picasso wanted to show 'an ocean of pain and death' and that is exactly what you see. and though of course not all of his work is as political or disturbing, it is still spiky.
whereas Matisse can provide something different - and just what i was looking for to add a bit of serenity to my interior...! : )
there is nothing quite like a beautiful quiet nude, i find, to remind us of the harmony that is (can be) in many things around us, as long as we are prepared to see those lines. b7f2444da4c288758b8bddac7547a71d.jpgit's something i feel i need, in any case - to be reminded of the coherence and simplicity of the human body - when we are bombarded often with so much information, so many objects that seem to pile up and spoil the view.
so ..... if you have to choose, would you rather be shaken and stirred, or spiritually replenished? Picasso ... or Matisse?
ps if you are tempted to buy an original they are available at a specialist gallery in London : http://www.carolinewiseman.com/ ...but the Picassos are more expensive! wonder why ....?